Cockpit Displays & LAD


Cost effective, customized and high quality of displays for cockpit application, rigs, simulators and all other application.


Advanced cockpits uses Large Area Displays for enhanced mission performance. Usage of LAD can also provides optimal cockpit with minimum switches and controls. It is a trend to use LAD for all advanced fighters and simulators.

Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS)

Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS) is included in cockpits to serve as backup in case of failures in an all glass cockpit instrument system, and thus is designed to operate as reliably and independently as possible from the aircraft’s main instrument system, with embedded sensors. ISIS is a rugged AM LCD based display unit housed in a 3ATI case, mounted in front of the pilot on the main instruments panel of the Helicopter/ Aircraft cockpit. The unit has built-in M EMS and pressure sensors to compute and display Attitude, Altitude and Airspeed in a Graphical format to the pilot.

The Smart Multi-Function Display (S M FD-54)

The Smart Multi-Function Display (S M FD-54) Smart Display System Architecture consists of Smart Multi-Function Display Unit, Signal Interfacing & Processing Unit and A/C sensors. The Smart Multi-Function Display (S M FD-54) Unit is a rugged standalone, programmable, processing and displaying unit with a color AM LCD Display Unit capable of displaying the data/signals received from signal interfacing & processing unit (SIP U) in a graphical format.


The RADIO MAGNETIC INDICATOR (RMI) is used on Cheetah/ Chetak helicopters to provide the Heading and VOR bearing, by interfacing with Gyro Compass for AHRS) and VOR. The electrical interfaces are ARINC-429 and Discrete I/Os. The unit avoids interfaces like Synchro or Resolver and thereby provides easy wiring, scalability and ease of maintenance. It is equipped with a 3-ATI AM LCD display with LED back-light.


RADIO ALTIMETER DISPLAY UNIT (RAMDU) is basically a MIL qualified system with ANALOG, ARINC429 and RS422 Interface. The RAMDU Analog cum Digital indicator developed by DI LABS, Bangalore. It displays the Altitude on the indicator with needle & dial image or as digital numeric form through pin programming selection. Also the RAMDU provides necessary Man Machine Interface to pilot like provision of Self-test, DH setting, Brightness adjustment, Day/Night selection, On/Off switch.